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Revisiting the High-Performance Index

Revisiting the High-Performance Index

A critical focus for OTML in 2022 and beyond is managing a healthy workforce and community. During Module 1 you may recall completing a weekly abridged version of the High-Performance Index, our holistic measure of your alignment and performance between your 1) Physical capacity, 2) Emotional capacity; 3) Intellectual capacity and 4) Purpose/Spiritual capacity.

 To help lead the improvement in the health of our workforce, we need to work on and demonstrate our commitment to holistic health. To keep your momentum going or to help you kick start a renewed focus on health and performance, you will receive an email to complete the short HPI assessment. On completing your assessment, you will receive your report to help you plan and focus on optimising your holistic wellness.


In Session 4, we will discuss developing a cohort challenge to help everyone work together as a group towards becoming healthier and higher-performing leaders.

Optional refresher reading: making of the corporate athlete

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