Visible Safety Leadership

Visible Safety Leadership

OTML’s vision to become the benchmark in safety performance requires leaders at all levels to visibly demonstrate their commitment to safety. This commitment to safety must remain consistent, regardless of business and production pressures. As a safety leader, you must continually communicate the importance of safety to your team, embedding this core value into everyday business decisions and conducting regular safety conversations with every member of your team.

Organisations with a strong, committed safety culture also strive for continuous improvement. This culture considers safeguarding people and processes by simply maintaining standards as the bare minimum. When we stop asking ourselves how things can be better once compliance has been attained, we are ‘playing to lose’ rather than setting ourselves up for success.

Many safety leaders rely on a transactional, punishment/reward system to promote compliance. This traditional method views people as a problem rather than an opportunity to learn about the attitudes of indifference and cynicism towards safety that are impacting the safety culture in your Business Unit.

A transformation style of safety leadership seeks to understand why an individual is not motivated to engage in safe behaviours. These leaders will take the time to listen to their team members, recognising that people rarely come on-site aiming to create accidents and are more likely to have ended up in a difficult situation where they felt the need to create a non-compliant workaround.

To shift to a more transformational style of safety leadership you will need to build relationships in your team where:

  • Clear expectations are set
  • You are passionate and honest about your values relating to safety at OTML
  • Your actions match your words
  • You demonstrate that you genuinely care about your team member’s wellbeing
  • You empower your team to increase their commitment to safety at a personal, team and organisational level

Safety Leadership & Improving Safety Culture in the workplace (4:02 Mins)

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Sustainable safety performance and leadership at OTML requires you to work on the engineering controls, organisational and cultural aspects that reduce TRIFR and eliminate fatalities. While Ok Tedi’s safety performance compares favourably on an international scale which should be commended, the pursuit to eliminate fatalities is enduring. Read further below on the International Council on Mining & Metals guidance paper on the elimination of fatalities and 8 lessons learnt.

Source: ICMM Fatality Prevention: Eight Lessons Learned

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