Delivering site, region, country and mining sector transformation by combining policy, strategy and capability development.

We believe that successful change and sustained performance improvement is achieved by combining technical, business and people development.

Accelerating innovation adoption

Our project management team works with you to deeply understand your critical operational or productivity opportunities and identifies proven clusters of MinTech companies and/or subject matter experts that can deliver a holistic, whole of value chain solution.

Throughout scoping, design and implementation our change management experts integrate to ensure that new technology, processes and systems are sustainably embedded to realise long-term value.

We lead the contract management process so you can engage with one point of contact with confidence that the project outcomes are successfully being delivered.


Insufficient resources to deliver sustained shifts in performance: Creating communities to solve the sectors greatest challenges

Sustainable and prosperous communities: Work with mining companies, METS companies, council, government, infrastructure providers, agriculture and AgTech to attract and retain top talent, reduce unit costs, and shift currently uneconomical resources to reserve.

Prepare for and leverage Industry 4.0 now: Cross-sectoral capability development, upskilling, digital transformation leading practice.

the technology in a world-first intelligent mine is clearly far more advanced than the processes in your standard silicon chip factory.

Dr Alan Finkel

Australia’s Chief Scientist


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