Dates: 22nd October, 2019
Location: MLG Innovation Lab, Brisbane
Time: 8-4pm


The masterclass is designed for people working in the mining/METS sector with a basic to intermediate level of knowledge about Ai and Data Science.


$750 +GST   

30% Early Bird Discount available before 30th September.


The Ai, Data and Technology in Mining Masterclass will take you from the application of Ai and automation in exploration, through to mine planning, processing, logistics and HR. The Masterclass provides you with a safe place to touch, feel and experiment with the application of Ai and Machine learning to your discipline. We will help you understand and unlock new capabilities that will be required for career success and performance in the rapidly evolving future of mining.


The masterclass is designed to demystify Ai and Data Science by building a fundamental awareness of the terminology and methodologies relevant to the mining sector. Importantly, the Masterclass focuses on the application of Ai and data science with practical case studies and examples across the mining value chain – from exploration to shipping.


You will;

  • Develop a fundamental understanding about Ai and data science within the context of mining;
  • Gain a practical understanding on the opportunities to apply Ai and data science across the mining value chain;
  • Learn from successful and challenging applications via case examples across commodities and companies;
  • Identify a specific pilot opportunity to run a small-scale trial to unlock productivity and performance;
  • Experience first-hand how Ai, data science and technology is reshaping mining’s technical disciplines and the required capabilities in exploration to logistics.
  • Develop a plan for further learning and capability development in the application of emerging technology and the future of mining


Warwick Anderson

Warwick Anderson is the Founder and CEO of OreFox.  OreFox is a startup that uses artificial intelligence & deep learning for the exploration of mineral deposits.


Jordan Millar is founder and CEO of ChekRite. ChekRite helps companies to trade in their paper-based process for digital-driven data solutions.  Having spent 20 years working in IT for insurance firms, he encountered plenty of inefficiencies caused by the fact that paper forms are still so widely used. Jordan now helps companies replace paper-based methods of storing information, capturing it in an easy-to-use, secure way that helps them ensure compliance, increase consistency of their processes and reduce costs.


Ben Hollis is currently the Director of Polymathian.  Polymathian helps the mining industry by solving complex numerical optimisation problems with hosted software solutions that utilise cutting edge industrial mathematics.

With almost 20 years’ experience developing and commercialising optimisation based information systems, he has also worked with some of the largest companies in Australia and around the world.

Matt Schneider

Matt Schneider is the Managing Director of Perth software development company Optika. Matthew has been the leader responsible for the design and development of all solutions that Optika has delivered to its clients. Prior to the creation of Optika, Matthew was involved in the financial, energy and mining industry. The roles that Matthew has held include: Senior Program Manager, Business Analyst, Solution Architect, Advanced Process Control, Commissioning Engineering Manager of Operations, and Process Engineer.

Anthony Goodwin

Anthony is the CoFounder of WhozWho.  He has over 25 years of applied business development, recruitment, and human resource management experience.

The Whozwho platform enables employers to hire for “Job Fit” empowering you with advanced behavioural science tools, powerful one click job board and social posting tools and the power to set your own methodology to shortlist, sort, prioritise and quickly select candidates your way


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Purchase both Masterclasses as a bundle before the 10th October and receive 50% off the regular price.


“I developed the know how to confidently and successfully apply Ai to drive the next level of performance in our processing plant. We’re on track to deliver a 1% increase in recovery. No CAPX required.”

“There is a lot of talk about Ai on sector level with various examples provided at conferences and in the media. This masterclass guides you through a practical and consolidated application of Ai across the mining value chain. We draw from both those developing Ai and those applying Ai with real experience – the good, bad and ugly."

“Data science is no longer the domain of the boffins. It’s fundamentally changing the way we find, extract, process and sell minerals."


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