Driving Operational Performance

module 4 Overview

Overview: Module 4 focuses on strengthening your capabilities to drive and optimise the end-to-end operational performance of Ok Tedi. Importantly, we will focus better understanding value within the business and defining the benchmarks in performance in your area to deliver Ok Tedi’s vision.

In this Module we will specifically focus on:

  • Optimising operational value – Understand the current and future value drivers at Ok Tedi and review the technical and operational challenges across the business.
  • Benchmarking – Research and identify relevant external and internal benchmarks to optimise operational performance and continuous improvement to deliver the 2025 vision.
  • Strategic planning and action – Review and align plans across the business to deliver the 2025 vision. Communicate your 2022 plans.
  • Delivering results – Develop your BU/Department, team and personal KPI’s for 2022 to drive accountability and results.

optimising value

Learn about 6 capital values (types of value), value drivers, value systems, theory of constraints

Strategic planning and action

Focus on integrating and aligning your plans and benchmarks.


To be the benchmark we need to define and measure the benchmark.

delivering results

You have new sets of benchmarks to guide continuous improvement and shifts in performance to deliver the 2025 vision.

Module learning objectives

  1. Understand the technical challenges across the end-to-end organisation from customer product specifications back up the value-chain to geology and OTML’s social licence.
  2. Review OTML’s current and future value drivers and the data which supports measuring, managing and optimising operational performance.
  3. Effectively communicate and align the 2022 plans, targets and performance expectations for participants and their teams to build clarity and accountability in delivering results.
  4. Apply problem types and decision making within the PNG culture to deliver results.

Draft a personal development plan based on 360° feedback and insights.

KEY activities 

I have diarised the key activates and dates.

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