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RISE – Program overview





Ok Tedi’s (OTML) vision is ‘To be the leading PNG Mining company setting the benchmark across all aspects of business in PNG’.

A pillar of the strategy to deliver OTML’s vision is to nationalise the management and executive leadership by 2023 and 2025; and to double female participation in the workforce to 20% with 25% female representation across the levels of leadership. To do so requires a systematic and systemic approach to leadership and cultural transformation to achieve these outcomes and deliver sustainable performance. The RISE Program has been designed to support Ok Tedi achieve its vision and objectives by attracting, developing and retaining high potential female leaders.


OTML’s National Leadership Development objectives:

  • Develop the leadership pipeline and capabilities to maximise national leaders into management positions by 2023; and optimise the effectiveness of OTML’s Management Team to drive operational performance.
  • Develop the leadership pipeline and capabilities to maximise national leaders into GM positions by 2025; and optimise the effectiveness of OTML’s Executive Team to drive the strategic, financial and operational performance.
  • Develop the female leadership pipeline to ensure there are at least 25% gender diversity across management levels by 2023.


RISE is designed to accelerate the development of high potential female leaders at OTML as part of its Leadership Development Program 2.


The program recognises that despite progress made to date, females are still disadvantaged to various degrees in most workplaces and societies around the world and, as a result, females have extra hurdles to overcome to rise to senior levels of leadership.


By discussing the hurdles specifically faced by OTML women, participants can articulate what these challenges are and commence the journey of deliberately developing the capabilities required to overcome these hurdles and optimise their leadership development and the contribution they can make to OTML, the PNG community, and to the development of the global mining sector.




RISE Program objectives


  1. Systemically build the high potential female leadership pipeline from front line leaders to Managers.
  2. Provide a safe and inclusive environment to explore, address and develop specific capabilities and challenges faced by female leaders at OTML.
  3. Support high potential female leaders role model the ‘Ok Tedi Leadership Way’ across all levels of the business.
  4. Coach and mentor participants to lead with confidence at OTML, in the community and within the global mining sector.
  5. Develop a cohort of female leaders who inspire and support other women at OTML to rise and work towards creating a more culturally diverse and inclusive organisation



Throughout the program, you will be prompted to complete activities. Make sure you complete every activity and mark complete before moving onto the next lesson. See the format below as an example of what you will be using.






Maximising your experience – As an adult learner you will be expected to engage in self-directed learning. This program will generally provide the content and guidance for this learning, yet by working through the program contents itself, this will only contributes to around 10% of your learning. Learning through others via coaching, mentoring and facilitated program sessions will account for approximately 20% of your learning. The largest component of your learning (70%) will take place on-the-job when you put into practice what you have learnt from the program and insights gained from others.



For reflection:





Based on these reflections and insights, how will you maximise the learning experience?




Here are some tips to help you maximise your learning experience:

  1. Develop a schedule – effective time management is always important. Start by looking over your roster and schedule for the coming months. Identify important time periods such as breaks, holidays, major projects and peak work periods. Develop a schedule and use your diary to block out time to work through RISE online as well as diarising up-coming sessions and on-the-job learning requirements. 
  2. Select a place to learn – consider where you learn and think best. It’s different for all of us. Generally speaking, a quiet place that is comfortable, safe and distraction-free works best.
  3. Time bound periods – consider using a timer. We recommend 25 minute periods followed by 5 minutes of doing something else eg stretching or walking to have a break.
  4. Remove distractions – because we are asking you to think deeply about you, your team, your business unit and your business, it’s best to give yourself the opportunity for clear thinking and focus. Consider what distractions can be safety removed such as turning off your email, removing non essential digital devices and blocking out the time in your calendar so you are not disturbed.
  5.  Buddy groups – experience shows that learning with others can increase knowledge retention and the social aspect makes the experience more enjoyable. Consider forming a buddy group with fellow cohort members.
  6.  On-the-job application – as you work through each module and section, plan ahead in your working week on where and when you will practice new insights and capabilities while you work.




Activity: Take 10 minutes to plan the best approach for you to maximise RISE.




To commence RISE Module 1, complete the activity below. Once you have completed the activity, please click on module 1 in the modules navigation bar.