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OK Tedi Mentoring program

Ok Tedi Mentoring Program CONTEXT


To deliver on Ok Tedi’s 2025 vision and nationalise management and executive positions, a formal mentoring program has been developed with the clear intent of supporting high potential leaders to achieve their personal career and life goals. Importantly, mentoring plays a key role in shaping a mature culture of safety, growth and development at Ok Tedi. Following an initial pilot of formal mentoring in the RISE Program, mentoring is being added to LDP2 post-program completion to provide a structured pathway with the ability to scale mentoring across all levels at Ok Tedi.

OK TEDI’S National Leadership objectives:


  1.  Develop the leadership pipeline and capabilities to maximise national leaders into management positions by 2023 and optimise the effectiveness of OTML’s Management Team to drive operational performance.
  2. Develop the leadership pipeline and capabilities to maximise national leaders into GM positions by 2025 and optimise the effectiveness of OTML’s Executive Team to drive strategic, financial and operational performance.
  3. Develop the female leadership pipeline to ensure there are is least 25% gender diversity across management levels by 2025.


The objectives of the Ok Tedi Mentoring Program are:


  1. Support the career progress and development of high potential leaders;
  2. Harness the experience and knowledge transfer from senior leaders to the next generation of leaders;
  3. Shape a mature culture of safety, growth and development;
  4. Develop cross-functional relationships which strengthen Pasin Ok Tedi Wan;
  5. Pilot and refine a scalable approach to mentoring at Ok Tedi.


Ok Tedi’s Mentoring Model and Program is designed to support both the Mentor and Mentee across the lifecycle of their mentoring relationship from forming to performing and achieving their goals.

The process is governed by Ok Tedi’s Mentoring Charter.

This Mentoring Module is a live, online resource that is regularly updated. It contains practical knowledge and tools to support and maximise the outcomes from mentoring that takes place in a stand alone mentoring relationship or as part of an Ok Tedi initiative such as the RISE Program and LDP2.


Stages of the Mentoring Process Mentor & Mentee Profiles: Mentor’s and mentee’s profiles are developed to support the matching process. Profiles draw upon existing employee data combined with written responses on career life experiences, interests, challenges and goals.


Mentor matching: The matching process is based on the mentee’s selection of a mentor and the alignment of goals and experiences. Ideally, mentors are not the mentee’s line manager.


Growing together: A 3-hour mentoring skills workshop will provide role clarity, process and skills to successfully commence and develop mentoring relationships.
This Mentoring Module provides guidelines, tools and resources that support both mentors and mentees in delivering goals and creating two-way value from the process.


Two-way feedback: Qualitative and quantitative two-way feedback plays an important role in supporting the effectiveness of the mentoring sessions and relationships. Feedback will also be used to monitor and measure the overall effectiveness of mentoring initiatives.

Achieving goals: SMART goals are set and recorded at the beginning of the process to support the mentor and mentee in working towards and tracking the achievement of long-term goals and actions.


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