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Advanced safety awareness and behaviour program

Train the safety coach

Program Overview

Ok Tedi’s (OTML) vision is ‘To be the leading PNG Mining company setting the benchmark across all aspects of business in PNG’.

A pillar of the strategy is to become the safest mine including:

  • Zero fatalities; 
  • Lowest TRIFR;
  • A mature (committed) safety culture.

To support the vision and become the benchmark in safety performance, the Advanced Safety Awareness and Behaviour (ASAB) Program also known as the Level 1 Program has been implemented across OTML’s employees and currently to all contractors. Your role as an ASAB Safety Coach plays a key role in delivering Ok Tedi’s vision and performance.

The power of the ASAB Program lies in coaching behavioural change. This takes place through completing the survey which assesses and provides insight into an individual’s Safety – Beliefs, Attitudes, Responsibility, Motivation and Stress (BARMS) combined with the personal one-to-one coaching session to increase safety awareness and safe behaviours. The coaching session makes safety personal and more action oriented, asking participants to set stronger safety commitments. The program creates accountability through a follow up safety interaction from the individual’s supervisor. While based on the psychology of safety, the ASAB Program is a practical and personal way to measure, coach, lead and drive safety performance.

As an ASAB Safety Coach it’s a great way to: 

  • Meet people across Ok Tedi’s entire workforce and contractors who you may not have met through your day-to-day work; 
  • Develop your personal coaching skills which are important in work and life; 
  • Join a team of committed safety coaches and a support network;
  • Help keep your colleagues safe. 

Thank you for joining a dedicated group of ASAB Safety coaches and your commitment to delivering Ok Tedi’s vision.

To become an ASAB Safety Coach, you will undertake the Train the Coach Program in order to deliver the Advanced Safety Awareness & Behaviour Program. While the sequence is flexible, you will:


  • Complete the ASAB survey to assess your own Safety beliefs, attitudes, responsibility, motivation and stress;
  • Complete this online module to help build your knowledge and skills in coaching;
  • Participate in a half day workshop learning about the ASAB Program process and content;
  • Undertake 3 ‘train the trainer’ coaching sessions with the Lead ASAB Coach to learn, practice and refine your ability to deliver the ASAB Program.



Program Objectives

The ASAB Train the Safety Coach Program is designed to:

  1. Develop a team of capable and committed Safety Coaches;
  2. Support consistent understanding and delivery of the ASAB Program material;
  3. Enhance your coaching skills which can be applied in your everyday work and at home;
  4. Promote continuous improvement and behavioural change;
  5. Support Ok Tedi’s workforce and contractors increase their awareness of safety and take personal responsibility for performing to Ok Tedi’s safety standards and behaviours. 

Note that the specific content of the ASAB program is learnt through the half day workshops and through the 3 one-to-one sessions. This online module focuses on the knowledge and tools for safety coaching.

Learning Outcomes

  • Become an ASAB Safety Coach;
  • Understand and follow the processes to deliver a quality ASAB Program;
  • Increased awareness of coaching methods and approaches (iGROW, Solution Focused Coaching, and SMART Goals);
  • Enhanced personal safety knowledge, commitment and behaviours.