We are a forward-thinking organisation with key executives from Industry, Research, Government and Technology backgrounds who are experienced in national and global markets.


Brett Cunningham

Brett Cunningham

Managing Director

Brett is the Managing Director and founder of the Mining Leaders Group. Brett works with a range of executive teams and high potential leaders in mining companies, METS and industry bodies in Australia, South America, Asia and Africa focused on driving individual, team and organisational performance.

He was formerly the General Manager of the Technology and Knowledge Transfer Groups at JKTech responsible for the transfer of leading edge research into practical applications of technology and knowledge onto mine sites around the world. Brett believes passionately about integrating people and technology to solve complex mining challenges.

Rosemary Howard

Rosemary Howard

Program Director & Leadership Coach

Rosemary has over 30 years’ experience in executive leadership with a focus on technology, business and government. Leveraging this extensive experience, she facilitates programs designed to develop leaders and deliver commercial outcomes. Rosemary coaches high potential managers and executives and helps capacity build in strategy and capability development.

Rosemary holds a Bachelor of Science, a Masters of Science and Society and a Diploma of Management. She has been awarded an Australian Government Centenary and is an Eisenhower fellow.


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